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Flat roof green houses for berries and grapes

We offer the last generation of flat roof greenhouses for berries and grapes. This structure offers greater resistance to wind and weather and versatility in design that combined with agronomical manipulation can lead to better quality and higher crop yields than traditional Hoop Tunnels.

The structure is built with high carbon steel posts without the need of concrete for their installation. On the top of the roof we offer a special net cover which protects the crop from hail and also delivers the optimal % of shade suitable for better production. Below this net cover a specialized plastic for (berries and grapes), is installed with an elastic band in a zigzag pattern design which offer high resistance against wind and reduces the probability of damages to the plastic.

The flat roof design avoids the stagnation and condensation of hot air inside the structure that can damage the crop, which is common in hoop tunnels.

Watch our video where we will show you how resistant our plastics are in this innovative system: www.nagreenhouses.com/plasticvideo

High Carbon Steel Post.


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